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Mercedes Sosa - Misa Criolla - Gloria

Ariel Ramirez, who wrote the music, is one of the most talented musicians in the world. Every melody has the power to evoke emotions and feelings almost in a supernatural way. Plus, each song is an example of different styles within argentinean traditional music. Still, the entire opus belts out an incredible integrity that makes you look upon it as a whole.

Mercedes Sosa: one of (if not the most) powerful voices on Earth. She recorded this album at 65! You have to listen to it at full volume, and you'll get thrills.

A perfect set of argentinean voices. They can easily handle the subtleties that this exceptional music requires.

Whenever you first listen to this album, you will recognize an outstanding talent. The Misa Criolla was first recorded in the 1970's, and the man who plays the charango in this version is the same old man that did it 30 years ago. Everything was put together so that the result is utterly flawless.

La Misa Criolla es una obra musical para solistas, coro y orquesta, de naturaleza religiosa y folklórica, creada por el músico argentino Ariel Ramírez. Los textos litúrgicos fueron traducidos y adaptados por los sacerdotes Antonio Osvaldo Catena, Alejandro Mayol y Jesús Gabriel Segade. Considerada una de las obras cumbres de la música argentina. La obra fue inspirada por -y está dedicada a- dos monjas alemanas, Elisabeth y Regina Brückner, quienes durante el nazismo ayudaron con alimentos a los prisioneros de un campo de concentración.

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